June 4th Maintenance Complete


Greetings Commanders,
The maintenance for June 4th, 2024, is complete.

1. The Mystic Tongue Succubus Joins the Fight!

Here comes a new playable character "Phantasma"!
The Pickup Gacha with an increased drop rate for Phantasma's exclusive weapon is now open!
Roll the gacha a certain number of times for a guaranteed UR weapon voucher!

※ Pickup Gacha Period: ~ July 9th, 2024, 01:59 (UTC)
※ Reward: "Voucher: Ultimate Weapon Q"

1-1. Shop of Desires Updated!

You can now purchase Phantasma's limited-time costume in the Shop of Desires!

※ Costume: "Succubus in Love"
※ Sales Period: ~ July 9th, 2024, 01:59 (UTC)

1-2. New Playable Phantasma Celebratory Achievement Event!

An achievement event is being held to celebrate the arrival of the new playable character, Phantasma!
Clear missions and receive items necessary for advancing, leveling up, and increasing intimacy!

※ Event Period: ~ July 16th, 2024, 01:59 (UTC)
※ Mission Details:
① Phantasma Level-Up
└ Mission Rewards: Gems x 30 (Level 10), Gold x 50,000 (Level 20), Certificate x 40 (Level 30), Ore Kit x 10 (Level 40), Ore (Stellar) x 2 (Level 50), Ore (Stellar) x 4 (Level 60), Ore/Shard Box x 1 (Level 70), Crystal Kit x 1 (Level 75)
② Phantasma Advancement
└ Mission Rewards: Gems x 30 (★2), Operational Plan x 20 (★3), Operational Plan x 20 (★4), Operational Plan x 20 (★5), Friend Emblem: Phantasma x 2 (★6)
③ Clear Any Quest with Phantasma
└ Mission Rewards: Gems x 30 (Clear 5 times), Enhancement Stone (High) x 10 (Clear 10 times), Strategy Manual (High) x 10 (Clear 25 times), Peach Ade x 5 (Clear 50 times), Takoyaki x 5 (Clear 75 times), Hamburger x 5 (Clear 100 times), Pink Hydrangea x 5 (Clear 150 times), Love Letter x 1 (Clear 200 times)

2. June Seasonal Events!

2-1. Login Event #1 Commences!

Gifts for all users who log in daily!
A chance to obtain "Voucher: June Bride 2" to exchange a limited costume!
Log in for a total of 7 days out of 14 and receive various rewards!

※ Event Period: After maintenance on June 4th, 2024, ~ June 18th, 2024, 01:59 (UTC)
※ Users who logged in before the maintenance will be processed starting from June 4th, 2024, 15:00 (UTC).

2-2. Surprise Missions & Surprise Campaign #1 Commences!

Surprise missions and campaign will be held during the Seasonal Event!
Take advantage of the perks during the Campaign period to clear missions and receive rewards!

※ Please check the exact schedule for each week in the game.

◇ Surprise Missions
※ Event Period: ~ June 11th, 2024 01:59 (UTC)
※ Mission Details: Clear Event Quests
└ Mission Rewards: Flower Basket x 2 (Clear 10 times), Crystal Fragment x 3 (Clear 20 times), Blank Emblem x 5 (Clear 30 times), Friend Emblem Pack x 5 (Clear 50 times)

◇ Surprise Campaign
※ Event Period: ~ June 11th, 2024 01:59 (UTC)
※ Campaign Perks
└ Event Quest AP multiplier max. 5 increase

2-3. June Bride Event!

Clear surprise missions that resets daily, and receive various rewards!

※ Mission Period: ~ July 2nd, 2024, 01:59 (UTC)
※ Mission Details:
① Use 100 AP
└ Reward: Flower Basket x 1
② Use 3 BP
└ Reward: Gems x 3

3. The new event "Cat-astrophe at Yomihara!?" is now open!

Clear event stages to obtain event materials, and exchange them at the exchange post for various rewards!

※ Event Period: ~ July 2nd, 2024, 01:59 (UTC)
※ Event Gacha Period: ~ July 9th, 2024, 01:59 (UTC)

※ Please refer to in-game explanations for detailed information about the event.
※ Event-exclusive materials cannot be used in the next event.

4. Pickup Gacha is Live!

Pickup Gacha with an increased drop rate of weapons and supporters is open!
Roll the Gacha a certain amount of times to get a guaranteed reward!

◇ Pickup Gacha (Limited): Weapon "【UR】 Dragon's Roar" (Maika), Weapon "【UR】 Fatal Needle" (Rin, Nagi), Weapon "【UR】 Evil Huntress" (Sora)
※ Period: ~ July 2nd, 2024 01:59 (UTC)
※ "Voucher: Beast Weapon Ⅲ" that can select one UR weapon from above can be purchased in the Shop of Desires.

5. Golden Pass is open!

Obtain a variety of rewards just by clearing missions!
Purchase the Special Pass for additional and limited rewards!

※ Special Pass Reward: Limited costume "Elven Bride" (Eleonor), etc.
※ Golden Pass Period: ~ July 2nd, 2024, 01:59 (UTC)

6. Limited-time costume makes a return!

3 Limited-Time Costumes of the "June Bride" series are back!

※ Returning Costumes: "Bride in White" (Asagi), "Playful Newlywed" (Sakura), "June Bride" (Rinko)
※ Sales Period: ~ June 18th, 2024, 01:59 (UTC)

7. In-game improvements and bug fixes

In-game Improvements:
└ The Affinity Effect Preset Feature has been added.
└ The Material Dismantling Feature has been added. Now users can dismantle "Friend Emblems" for "Blank Emblems".
└ The "Manage Account" menu on the title screen and menu screen has been improved.
└ When exchanging an item in the Event Exchange Post, users can now choose the exchange amount.
└ The maximum crafting limit in the Crafting Facility has been expanded.
└ The maximum step for some achievments have been expanded.
└ The basic sorting method for the Material tab in the Inventory has been changed.
└ The difficulty for Taima-Five VR has been adjusted.

Bug Fixes:
└ Fixed an anomaly where the damage text wouldn't be shown in certain conditions.
└ Fixed an anomaly where the "Supernova" skill of playable character "Astaroth" showed an abnormal damage increase in certain conditions.
└ Fixed an anomaly where an error message would pop-up while entering Taima-Five VR in certain conditions.
└ Fixed an anomaly where a modeling error would occur in the result screen when finishing a battle by using a specific skill of the playable character "Noah".
└ Fixed an anomaly where the "Flowering Tempest" costume wouldn't appear in the costume Collection list.
└ Fixed an anomaly where the counterattack of the Taima-Five VR Boss "LWS Squad" has been applied incorrectly.
└ Fixed an anomaly where Auto Finish wasn't available in certain conditions when trying to restart the mission.
└ Fixed an anomaly where the sub-skill of the supporter [Fire God] Kamimura Maika was not applied correctly.

8. Suspension of cheating users

In order to create a healthy gaming environment, we have imposed disciplinary measures on accounts found to be cheating in the game.
The following 14 accounts have been suspended due to disciplinary measures.


If you want to appeal the suspension, please contact support@gremorygames.com.

In order to protect the users who play the game fairly, GREMORY GAMES will continue to respond strictly to any unfair advantages acquired through improper means and actions.

Stay tuned!

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